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In today’s world of SEO, content is king and the content that matters is anything that is public and shareable. This includes blogs, whitepapers and articles, videos and podcasts, webpage content, press releases, presentations and more.

A strong content marketing campaign is important for every business and website, regardless of industry. Producing great content is not only useful for SEO, but also helps with brand building and is the substance of any social media marketing campaign.

Many companies struggle with content creation. Have you found your content marketing has been put on hold because of one of these reasons?

  • You don’t know what to write about.

  • You don’t know how to leverage your content online.

  • Your staff doesn’t have time to spare for content creation.

  • You’re not comfortable with writing ability.

As an SEO and content marketing firm, EEN Multitech knows that full service content marketing is about much more than just churning out the content itself. We divide our content marketing services into a three phase approach to not only produce, but also successfully promote your content.


The first phase of any solid content marketing campaign is to develop a well-planned strategy based on industry, market and target audience. We will work with you to better understand your company, brand, products and unique value proposition. Understanding our clients’ online business needs and goals is EEN first priority and critical to defining a content marketing strategy. From what we learn about your company, we will develop a content marketing strategy based on creating and promoting a mix of informational and promotional content. Most companies, both B2B and B2C, require a mix of both to be successful, although we tend to focus more on the value of informational content.

  • Informational content – Content that provides information to educate and inform your target audience.
  • Promotional content – Content that works to promote your company, brand and individual products with the purpose of generating leads and sales.


A majority of companies struggle with content creation. Many lack the time and resources to consistently produce engaging and informative content. Our company has in-house writing staff can remove that burden from your employees and develop great content on behalf of your company. We will work with you to develop a strong messaging strategy that is integrated into every piece of content, regardless of platform.

Some of our content creation services include:

  • PR (we will work with your offline and in-house PR teams)

  • Blog Writing

  • Guest Blogging Submissions

  • Social Media Promotion of Content

  • And much more!


We understand that the greatest content ever written won’t provide much value for your company if no one can find it. Promotion is just as important for content marketing as the content creation is because the more eyeballs you can get on your content the more likely it is to earn natural links. As a full service content marketing client, we will take your unique content and distribute it across a variety of mediums to reach more of your target audience. Here are a few of the ways that will promote your content:

  • Submitting content to social bookmarking sites.

  • Submitting content to niche industry sites.

  • Publishing content on social networking sites (such as LinkedIn Groups)

  • Content cross pollination.

Much of a business’s online marketing success rests on the shoulders of a well-developed and strategic content marketing campaign. Every company has useful information they would like to share with their target audience, EEN Multitech content marketing services can help you do just that.

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